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A swimmer’s paradise …

Fed-up with swimming in dark murky waters?  There are still a few places on the short-haul radar where you can plunge into sparkling seas and see every stone, rock and living creature beneath you.

Cyprus hits the top slots in the European commission’s annual report on the quality of bathing water, with Croatia hard on its heels.  Head for the Dalmatian islands where you can slip into breathtakingly clean water from beaches and secluded coves undisturbed by mass tourism even during August.  Jellyfish here are few and far between and for those, like me, who have yet to master swimming and looking ahead simultaneously, the most likely collision is with a floating buoy.

Favourite swimming spot was close to Sumartin on the eastern tip of Brac, where the water was truly translucent and a grand total of 14 people on the beach generated something close to horror on the part of UK-resident Croatian friends who spend every summer on the island.   My advice?  Go before everyone else does.

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