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Head for the hills

Read Lisa Allardice’s review in the Guardian of a recent trip to Sicily.  Staying in the less well-trodden Madonie Mountains, she discovered a world away from the ‘seaside whiff of Ambre Solaire and the noisy glitter of beachfront bars’ but one in which she found herself as much ‘in the world of the Finzi-Continis as the Corleones’.

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Hush little baby …

Vote for Babycalm in the Barclays ‘Take One Small Step’ competition and get entered into a draw for a short-break at the Sands Resort Hotel in Cornwall – the perfect option for a hassle-free family holiday!

Babycalm offers baby calming solutions for new parents through a unique blend of early parenting classes, literature and babycare products to empower new parents to enjoy the first few months with their newborn baby.

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